Frequently Asked Questions

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Retail Locations

Farm Chicks Corner Market

1141 Berrymans Lane Reisterstown, MD


Braglio Farms 

10519 Marriottsville Rd, Randallstown, MD 


818 Market 

818 Frederick Rd, Catonsville, MD


Eddie's of Mount Vernon 

7 W Eager St. Baltimore, MD  


Eddie's of Roland Park 

6213 N Charles Street Baltimore,MD 


Dawson's Market 

225 N Washington St. Rockville, MD 


Odd Provisions 

3301 11th St NW Washington DC


Common Market Coop (Both Locations)

927 W 7th Street Frederick, MD 

5728 Buckeystown Pike Frederick, MD 


Firestone Market on Market

113 N Market St Frederick,MD 


Two Scoop's Ice Cream & Waffles 

100 E Main Street Ste #110 Salisbury, MD

Yes, if your a retail establishment interested in carrying the product please feel free to reach out to and we can provide a Pricing & Sales Sheet.


We hold our business and product to the highest standard and exceeding our customer expectations is critical.

That being said, In the event of not being satisfied please email and a refund will be issued and another product will be sent.


We have a minimum 2 item order policy, with each jar costing $1 to ship.

Upon placing an order, please allow 3-5 days for processing and shipment. A tracking number will be provided and the product(s) will be shipped via UPS or USPS. A confirmation text and email will be sent per the contact information provided

We have established three primary local delivery & pick up hubs ;

We will provide delivery free of charge with in a 5 mile radius of the locations listed below. Please allow 5 days upon placing order for drop off.

  • Fells Point Farmers Market : 800 South Broadway at, Thames St Baltimore, MD
  • Havre de Grace Farmers Market : 100 St John St, Havre de Grace, MD
  • Pancibus LLC HQ 1709 Edwin Drive Bel Air, MD

What Is Chalsa

Chalsa is an all-natural, gourmet condiment that fuses two cultural and culinary staples in Chutney and Salsa. In producing additive-free small batches with locally-sourced fresh ingredients, we are able to maintain the integrity and taste of our product, while supporting local grocers. Chalsa's greatest strengths are its flavor enhancing ability and also its versatility, including, but not limited to simmer sauce, marinade, cooking base, and dip!

Chalsa is shelf stable, and has a use by date listed on the back of the jar. The shelf life is 450 days and once opened should be immediately refrigerated 

  • Marinade - We recommend using approximately 1/5 of a jar to marinate fish, poultry or beef (for at least an hour). The composition of our ingredient mix (ranging from roasted garlic to freshly grated ginger equips you to have a healthy delicious time efficient meal. 

  • Simmer Sauce - Our full line up flavors contain extra virgin olive oil, allowing you to easily pan roast a wide assortment of food ranging from but, not limited to beans, vegetables, tofu, chickpeas, and eggs 

  • Dip - The product can also be used as a traditional salsa as we have had customers use it with tortilla chips, pita chips, and even with bread. Recently Chalsa has been a core component in charcuterie boards as the Chalsa compliments several different kinds of cheese i.e (gruyere, havarti, goat, and even gouda). We suggest not pairing it with a fruit-infused cheese since the Chalsa its self already contains fruit (except for Chalsa Original) 

  • Cooking Base (Chicken, Chili Stews/Soups) - For any crockpot aficionados Chalsa was made for you. Simply pour 1/5-1/2 a jar based on the serving size of your meal and your set. If a crockpot saves time, Chalsa is a fast forward button. 

  • General Flavor Enhancer - An everything condiment for anything.